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sherrySherry’s Wishes is in honor and remembrance of those who are victims of Cancer. Sherry Mikkelsen (Kadrmas) was a victim of Pancreatic Cancer and passed away in January 2000. She was born and raised in Dickinson, North Dakota. She was an energetic and fun loving person who impacted everyone she came across.

Sherry’s Family started this nonprofit organization to promote health and raise money to help find solutions for those that face a similar situation.

Sherry’s Wishes Foundation will select Cancer related causes to donate all proceeds to give hope in finding solutions and/or comfort for those that have been impacted by Cancer. The Founders of Sherry’s Wishes are determined to make an impact and help those that support Cancer causes better understand where the proceeds from donations will be provided. The hope is that all proceeds will be making a positive impact for supporting families that are financial impacted from the disease.

  • Funds to support families of cancer victims
  • Cancer Research
  • Clinical Trials